This past week we took a trip to Arizona in preparation for the Phoenix Pinners Conference happening Oct. 7th & 8th. We were so excited to get things rolling and even more excited to be staying with our wonderful friend and presenter Becki from Whippy Cake. Long story short, we made a new little friend during our visit, and seriously, we’re still laughing about it!

About 6:30 Kendall woke up to see the dark sillouette of a child standing in the doorway. Convincing himself that the shadow was a real child and not just a scene from a horror movie, he laid his head back and waited. He opened his eyes a few minutes later to see the the little girl still standing there, only now just a few feet from him. He knew the alarm was about to go off. It did, but didn’t scare her away. She just quickly sat where she stood.

I woke up to Kendall saying, “Hello!” Confused and still half asleep I replied, “…Hello?”  He then said, “Umm, not you.” I looked around, saw our little friend. “Oh Hi! What’cha doing?” I asked her (already laughing). Little Whippy smiled matter of factly and answered,  “I’m bored. Just waiting for someone to wake up.”

Whatever Becki is doing to inspire inner beauty and confidence is working, because our new little friend was a hoot and a half all morning. Thanks for hanging out with us Little Whippy! We can’t wait to hang out with the rest of your Arizonians next fall at Pinners!


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