Life holds a lot of surprises, doesn’t it?  As we’ve been looking back on 2015 we can’t help but feel our lives are big, fat suspense novels, jam-packed with very difficult-to-guess plots. However, 2015 has proved that we all have control of our own happiness. As Gerald J Causse put it, “[We] are the architects of it.”

First, let us admit that we can be resistant to change. The unknown aspects of life could make anyone feel a lack of confidence or a fear of failure, even when given incredible opportunities.

But today we are reminding each other that our happiness is not really the result of the circumstances of our lives. It is much more the result of our perspectives, our choices and our efforts.

Do you have a vision of who you want to become? Do you have dreams and goals for 2016? Good! Believe in your vision, and work with all your heart to accomplish it. We can’t control all circumstances of life; there will be both good and challenging moments in the future that we never could have expected. However, we do have control of our happiness.

We’re excited to stretch our own dreams and visions across the nation as Pinners expands. Being inspired with all of you always helps us realize our personal worth and become who we’ve always hoped for. Join with us in creating our own happiness in 2016!


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