What We’re Made Of —

Pinners Conference took off in 2013 starting as no more than a “good idea” at the dinner table, and as rewarding as our history has been, it’s the future we’re most excited about.

Each member of our team is here not only because they are ridiculously talented, but because each are committed to what they do. We love learning, creating, and connecting all the other “good ideas” out there.

Oh, and did I mention we’re self-proclaimed comedians?

So, through pins that describe us best, meet the Pinners family! After all, “Show me what you laugh at and I’ll tell you who you are,” is no joke.


Rox Bio


Kendall Bio

LisaB copy

Lisa's BIO


Melissa's BIOEmileeS

Emilee BIO copy


Christina's BIOKalliB

Kalli's BIONow we’d like to officially welcome you into our Pinners family — WELCOME! We’ll see you at the next conference!

2 thoughts on “What We’re Made Of —

  1. I can’t wait to register for the 2015 Pinners Conference…VIP, of course! 😀

    This will be my first experience at Pinners Conference, and I’m so happy my friends told me about it.

    Thanks, Pinners Conference staff! See you there

    Liked by 1 person

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